About Us

The House of Langston is an affirmation brand providing ready-to-wear garments and accessories that encourage you to pursue and protect your dreams. 
The company founders were once young dreamers with aspirations of becoming hip-hop artists. They secured a record deal, toured the country, and shared stages with legends like Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G, and The Wu-Tang Clan. It was a dream come true until it wasn't. Their journey hit a bump, and they returned home with their dreams deferred.
But here's where our story takes a remarkable turn. Two decades later, they decided to reignite that dream, and to their surprise, they were embraced by a community that shared their passion. People were drawn to the group's band merch logo, a symbol of our unwavering commitment to our dream. They had always been passionate about fashion, so they saw an opportunity to create something bigger than themselves. What initially started as band merch transformed into a clothing brand with a purpose – The House of Langston.
The Langston Lion is the gatekeeper to your dreams and aspirations. Protect your dreams by any means.
We represent entrepreneurs, Dream-chasers Goal Getters, and Superheroes. 
So which one are you? 
Langston Hughes III embodies the spirit of The House of Langston. 
We stand before you as a band of brothers whose dreams and goals fell by the waist side in their youth as “life got in the way.” There are many people in the same position right now. Never wrote that book. Never opened that business. Never went back to school. Most people think it’s too late but as long as you are breathing, it’s never too late to be what you were predestined to be. The success of Langston Hughes III permits others to do the same. We then become the poster kids for "If they did it, I can do it." Our apparel allows you to step into your dreams and purpose in style. The Langston Lion stands as the gatekeeper to your dreams and aspirations.
Protect your dreams by any means.
Now, That's Langston