About Us



The House of Langston is an affirmation brand providing ready to wear fashion and accessories that not only encourages you to pursue your dreams but protect them by any means necessary. The brand was created by the Hip Hop group Langston Hughes III. The House Of Langston also serves as  official band merchandise. 

 Langston Hughes III is an American Hip Hop group from Charleston SC. The group consists of Renaissance men Chawle Dawk Da Superstar, Maximillion, Choc Da Bully and Da Moja DJ Cory B. The group's music is a natural progression of the "golden era" of hip hop music they have termed Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music. "We are not stuck in the 90's but we also do not move to the beat of the current drums" says Chawle Dawk DA Superstar. The group took its name from Harlem Renaissance leader, poet and activist, Langston Hughes." Langston Hughes was a Renaissance man... from merging his poetry with Jazz to fashion. His suit game was crazy! We embody that same creative energy." says Maximillion. Langston Hughes's poem Dream Deferred also stands as the foundation and motivation for the group re entering the music industry 20 years later. 

The House of Langston embodies the spirit of Langston Hughes III. We
stand before you as a band of brothers whose dreams and goals fell by the waist side in their youth as “life got in the way.” There are many people in the same position right now. Never wrote that book. Never opened that business. Never went back to school. Most people think it’s too late but as long as you are breathing, it’s never too late to be what you were predestined to be. The success of Langston Hughes III permits others to do the same. We then become the poster kids for "If they did it, I can do it." Our apparel allows you to step into your dreams and purpose in style. The Langston Lion stands as the gatekeeper to your dreams and aspirations.
Protect your dreams by any means.
Now, That's Langston